Loggamera API

Real-time performance data from heat pumps, cooling devices and ventilation systems


Loggamera API is a service where developers easily can connect and fetch values from their connected systems.

What you need and how it works

  1. A measurement box with a subscription (www.loggamera.se/fastighet) connected to the system that collects data over time.
  2. Data is communicated to Loggamera’s servers.
  3. Your application/app/service communicates with Loggamera’s servers using the API

API Key Generation

To keep the API secure, an API Key is required for every call.

The key is generated in the settings section in the portal (portal.loggamera.se).

Note: Everyone with this key will be able to fetch data from your account. Keep it to yourself.

API documentation

We supply an open and free API-demo device.

The documentation is integrated into a Postman setup.
Go to https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/6665372/S11HtyXG

For a custom demo-key or more information, contact info@loggamera.se or call us at +46-(0)8-446 81 800